EasyChamber Anti-Static Spacer Device

EasyChamber Anti-Static Spacer Device, Inhaler Chamber, use with Metered Dose Inhaler, BPA and Latex Free
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WHY EASYCHAMBER: Using a pMDI alone can be challenging, especially for children and the elderly. MDIs can spray medication up to100 km/h, causing medication to be deposited at the back of your throat or roof of your mouth. This can lead to side effects. Patient coordination can be difficult, especially during an asthma attack. Often, patients breathe in too quickly.
EasyChamber space chamber can ensure optimal delivery of medication to the lungs in patients of all ages.
EasyChamber traps and holds medication in suspension until you are ready to breathe in.
Cross Valve ensures low resistance when breathing in medication and prevents accidental breathing out into chamber.
It Delivers optimal dose of medication to lungs for action against asthma and COPD.
Its FlowSignal whistle alerts fast inhalation.
Its Universal base is compatible with most commonly prescribed pMDIs.
EasyChamber Anti-Static Spacer Device
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