Company Information

OTC2U is a secure and legitimate online shop whose mission is "To be the trusted source to order consumer healthcare products including range of over the counter medicines and dietary/food supplements by promoting responsible use".

Our Vision : "Happier and Healthier lives through responsible self-care".

Our goal is to promote safe use of over the counter medicines and dietary/food supplements and make these available to consumer.

Amidst a proliferation of new players, new products, and new dynamics in the consumer healthcare industry, education and knowledge becomes critical to ensure consumers safely and responsibly practice selfcare for themselves and their families.

OTC2U is at the forefront of collaboration with major brands and leading the way as the trusted source for their users on how to safely shop consumer healthcare products online.

We embrace consumer demand for credible over the counter medicines by expanding our product range of OTCs. This year we added 20 product category pages and 100s of products including mouth care, eye care, skin care, supplements, and vitamins.

In addition, OTC2U is able to increase its offering through 24X7 access to help users to order over the counter medicines, dietary/food supplements, or healthcare supplies and despatching it next day.

OTC2U also strives to stay true to its mission of improving public health through outreach to consumers to address specific areas in which consumers need guidance and support.

These lead to important partnerships with our customers, including understanding consumer’s needs and what OTC2U can offer.

Through all our efforts, OTC2U remained steadfast to its commitment of empowering consumers to lead happier, healthier lives through responsible selfcare. None of our accomplishments could have happened without your support. We look forward to even greater achievements in future, and we invite you to join us in sharing and supporting our vision as we embark on the next phase of the OTC2U’s growth.

Building off the successes and lessons learned, we sought to sustain our growth by reaching our audiences with new products and services, whether you are searching for supplements, weight management products, child care products or over the counter accessories for everyday use, we have it all for you under one roof. Efforts includes developing new content that would resonate with specific audience segments.

OTC2U offers a secure online platform and your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Kindly browse through our wide range of products by categories or simply use search box to find your healthcare product.

All orders are reviewed before they are shipped to ensure Happier and Healthier customers.